Student presentations

1.Abd El DayemRelativistic effects on the orbits of the closest stars to the black hole at the center of the Galaxy
2.AbelloMAssive Stars Study in optical InterFerometry
3.AllainMid-Infrared Heterodyne Interferometry using high-bandwidth quantum detectors and photonic correlation
4.AlonsoCO emission survey of AGB stars with ultraviolet excess
5.AntoniettiSETI – Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
6.ChoudhuriModelling radio interferometric observations of galaxy clusters
7.CodronModelling the Inner AU & Disc Misalignments of HD143006
8.CorporaalCharacterisation of second generation protoplanetary discs with infrared interferometry
9.GarreauExoplanet imaging within the snow line with the VLTI: warm optical design of Asgard/NOTT
10.HildebrandtPlanet-inducing structures in protoplanetary disks
11.HoulleMid-infrared exoplanet interferometry with MATISSE & GRA4MAT
12.IbrahimImaging the Inner AU of Herbig Be Star V1295 Aql
13.JooAsgard/NOTT cold mechanical design
14.KaczmarekModelling of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi based on MATISSE observations
15.LiuVariability of young planetary mass objects
16.LuThe interferometry Gaia binary survey: Precision masses, orbits and ages
17.MajidiNew accretors in the Lupus I cloud
18.MobeenV838 Mon
19.NowackiNIR Interferometry @ VLTI + Optical Spectropolarimetry
20.OplistilovaMulti-data modelling of stellar systems
21.RebryshMCAO-Assisted Visible Imager & Spectrograph
22.RousseauImproved thermal background subtraction using principal component analysis
23.RubioBe stars
24.ScheuckUnraveling the Finestructure in the inner regions of protoplanetary disks
25.SchiappacasseGCs multiple stellar populations: Li and heavy elements
26.Van GaalenAnalysing dust echoes of tidal disruption events
27.VandalInterferometric imaging of exoplanets below the diffraction limit with JWST
28.ZuletaDistinguishing between radial flows and warped protoplanetary disks