Practical information


The forint is national currency of Hungary (abbreviated as ‘ft’ or ‘HUF’). Card payments are widely accepted in Budapest, including Apple/Google Pay. Some shops accept euros in cash, but they charge whatever conversion rate they choose, and change is always given in forints. If you want to get cash from an ATM, we advise you to use ATMs inside banks (e.g., OTP, Erste Bank, Unicredit, K&H bank, Raiffeisen, etc) instead of ATMs in tourist spots and shops that will charge you extra fees. Alternatively, you may visit one of the many currency exchange offices in Budapest.

Be advised that there are no bank branches or ATMs at the Budapest airport but only from Euronet or similar companies.

Example of expenses, but expect changes due to inflation:
espresso : 500-1000 ft
sandwich : 500-2000 ft
small bottle of water: 150-400 ft


The Hungarian language is one of the most unique languages in Europe, and somewhat difficult to master for non-Hungarians. The majority of services/people in Budapest have a good command of English, so you should not have a problem. But perhaps you will find the following words/phrases helpful:

Jó napot kívánok = [ ˈjoː ˈnɒpot ˈkiːvaːnok] = Good day/morning

Jó estét kívánok = [ ˈjoː ˈɛʃteːt ˈkiːvaːnok] = Good evening

Köszönöm! = [ˈkøsønøm] = Thank you!

Szívesen! = [ ˈsiːvɛʃɛn] = You’re welcome!

Elnézést! = [ˈɛlneːzeːʃt] = Excuse me! (e.g., if you are trying to get out of a busy bus)

Egészségédre! = [ ˈɛɡeːʃːeːɡɛdrɛ] = Cheers!

Imádom az interferometriát! = [ˈimaːdom az ‘interferometriat] = I love interferometry!

Travel and health insurance

We would advise all participants to purchase a travel and health insurance for the duration of their stay in Hungary. European Union residents may also enquire about EHIC cards at their (national) insurance service provider.

Security and Liability

Budapest is a popular tourist destination. Although it is overall safe to travel about town, people should exercise common sense and be vigilant of pick-pockets in public transport and busy areas, as is the case in most metropolises. Keep in mind that public transport (with the exception of a few lines) does not operate after 23:45. Please also take extra care of your belongings in your chosen accommodation.

The organizers of the School cannot accept liability for any loss of belonging, damage to private property of participants, and for any personal accidents that may occur during the School.

Students staying at their chosen accommodation or at accommodation paid by the School, are liable to the rules and regulations defined from the accommodation facilities.

Local information

Budapest is a vibrant city! If you want to explore it, start by checking the official Tourist Information office at